Important notices on the current situation!

Because of the global coronia virus pandemic, we are forced to close all our martial arts schools in the near future. We regret this decision, but the health of our pupils and their families is at first place!

Welcome to our page!

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"Kung Fu means training and discipline for superior goal, no matter if it's the receipt of health, the cultiviation of spirit or the self-defence." 

~ Bruce Lee

Wing-Tsung Kung Fu (WT) is a chinese martial art, which had its seeds in the Shaolin Kung Fu.
Legend has it that Wing-Tsung was evolved by a buddhistic nun in the 17th century.
In Wing Tsung body and spirit get trained, to support the power of concentration.

What is going to be taught in Wing-Tsung?


Our Organisation


Our schools are part of the Wing-Tsung Arts Association (WTAA). It was founded by Dai-Sifu-Atamann in the year 2000. His goal at the beginning was a good qualified education in Wing-Tsung for all his students. The atmosphere in the training is in a familial and comfortable environment for old and young people.

Our premises


Our Training


Certain factors are important for effective self-defense and character strengthening. In addition to the Wing-Tsung system, our training focuses on physical fitness and meditation training. Physical fitness is divided into condition and strength training. This is practiced in both children's and adult training. With the help of the necessary equipment in our schools we can guarantee a challenging and optimal fitness training. The meditation training is carried out by means of Tai Chi applications. The so-called Chi training promotes the sense of balance, the ability to concentrate as well as the blood circulation. The aim of our meditation training is to become more relaxed with regard to everyday situations in order to support the positive attitude.

In the Wing-Tsung system, guidelines and practical applications are demonstrated, internalized and repeated.
An example for the guidelines are the fighting principles in Wing-Tsung (see picture below). 


A free trial training is possible at any time!
Visit us in our schools or scroll down to the contact formular for registration! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For whom is Wing-Tsung suitable/unsuitable?

Wing-Tsung is suitable for both young and older people. Physical strength does not have to be an advantage. Anyone who is willing to participate in the training and "get to know" Wing-Tsung will get it. Depending on your age you can visit us.

Those who want to use the martial arts to their advantage over others are not welcome here. Aggressive behaviour and impatience are also not acceptable.

Is this sport dangerous?

During the training, the instructors consciously deal with the physical limits of each individual. Bruises or scratches can occur. For special exercises (e.g. sparring) we put on our protective equipment.

What should I consider during the trial training?

For all who take part in our trial training, bring sports shoes, drinks and (if possible) a white T-shirt. Also the willingness to learn, the motivation and the fun should not be missing. In the case of minors, parents or guardians must appear.

Are there competitions in Wing-Tsung?

In a sports competition, two athletes compete against each other. There are different classes and defined rules which allow a fair competition. This is how it is in fighting sport. In martial arts we seize all possibilities to make an opponent unable to fight as quickly as possible. We try not to hurt the opponent unnecessarily. In Wing-Tsung we learn from each other.

What distinguishes Wing-Tsung from other martial arts/sports?

The Wing-Tsung system focuses on three points,
that are different from other martial arts:

1. Training at different distances: Attack and defence techniques with arms, legs, elbows, knees, grips and levers as well as defence on the ground and defence with and against weapons.
2. Principle of simultaneity: speed and effectiveness by simultaneous execution of defense and counterattack
3. Chi-Sao Concept ("Sticky Arms"): Sensory training in which a student reacts suddenly and instinctively to the attacks of his counterpart - without being dependent on his eyes!

How much does the training cost?

We are a professional martial arts school with qualified instructors. Therefore, we cannot serve with discounts, special offers and unreasonable promises. For price information you can contact the instructors on site.


WTAA Reutlingen
Sonnenstraße 79
72760 Reutlingen

Training hours: Monday & Wednesday
Minis (3-6 years): On demand
Kids (7-12 years): 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Adolescents & adults: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

WTAA Rottenburg
Maieräckerstraße 7
72108 Rottenburg am Neckar

Training hours: Tuesday & Thursday
Minis (3-6 years): On demand
Kids (7-12 years): 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Adolescents & adults: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.